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I have to apologise for the lack of updates on my behalf recently. I have been very busy over the last few months, but I will continue to try my […]

I have to apologise for the lack of updates on my behalf recently. I have been very busy over the last few months, but I will continue to try my best at being a little more consistent with posting updates on this site.


News on Ino-Head Gargoyle
There has been quite a lot going on in the GTO and Toru Fujisawa related world recently. Firstly, Fujisawa has concluded what has been dubbed as ‘series one‘ of Ino-Head Gargoyle, and the story has been put on hold for several months until ‘series two‘ commences in August. Earlier in April it was also announced in Young Magazine that a short GTO/Ino-Head crossover would appear in the 32nd issue for this year in July. The story will supposedly depict a feud between Onizuka and Saejima. As for ‘series two‘, the main theme of the story is still unknown at this point, but it can be assumed that some old characters will play an important part in it. The first series ended on what I like to call a fan-boy’s startling dream of a cliffhanger, with the appearance of a certain two characters that date back to the days of Shonan Jun’ai Gumi. I have decided against spoiling people who have not read Ino-Head with who these characters are, but I can tell you that I was thrilled and very surprised to find that they will most likely join the cast for more than just a cameo role in this series! It has been stated on the Kodansha website that ‘series two‘ will also mark the return of “pencil-nose”. Pencil-nose is the nickname which Saejima acquired (though much to his irritation) after suffering a particularly brutal injury at the hands of Shindoji Fumiya, whereby two pencils were rammed up his nostrils in Shonan Jun’ai Gumi. Whether this “return of pencil-nose” means Saejima will suffer the same injury again, or that an old grudge may simply be dredged up, we will have to wait and see.



Both Volume 1 and 2 of Ino-Head Gargoyle will reach Japanese shelves this month, Volume 1 being released on the 6th of June and Volume 2 on the 27th.


News on a new Fujisawa Toru manga
For the next piece of news to report on, Fujisawa has launched a new manga in Futabasha’s Manga Action in May. On the 6th of April Fujisawa made the announcement of this new series on his blog, noting that the story will be about cooking, and that he is being advised by Nozomi Kageyama, a dietitian who has made frequent appearances on TV and radio. Later in April it was confirmed that series will be titled Itoshi no DUTCHOVEN Girl, or My Dear DUTCH-OVEN Girl. Fujisawa also posted a colour image of what is presumably the main character of the series, which is the image I have included at the top of this post.


News on the new GTO TV drama
Now I realise that most people already know of this by now, but it has been announced that Great Teacher Onizuka will be receiving a brand new live-action drama adaptation which will premier on Fuji TV in July this year. It’s not entirely clear what the main story matter will be, but it has also been announced that the story of GTO Shonan 14 Days will seemingly be part of it. A handful of cast members have been announced, which you can find listed bellow with their manga character equivalents.


Onizuka Eikichi - AKIRA


Fuyutsuki Azusa - Takimoto Miori


Uchiyamada Hiroshi - Tayama Ryosei


Danma Ryuji - Shirota Yu


Saejima Toshiyuki – Yamamoto Yusuke


Sakurai Ryoko – Kuroki Hitomi


Kawaguchi Haruna, Takada Sho, Morimoto Shintaro, and Nakagawa Taishi will also be joining the cast as students of Onizuka, however their specific roles are yet to be announced. An official site has been launched here.


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