GT-R hits the stands! Also some GTO Drama news!

GT-R News The first chapter of the new manga GT-R: Great Transporter Ryuji officially hit the stands in Weekly Shonen Magazine a couple of days ago on Wednesday the 27th. […]

GT-R News

The first chapter of the new manga GT-R: Great Transporter Ryuji officially hit the stands in Weekly Shonen Magazine a couple of days ago on Wednesday the 27th.


I have written a summery of the chapter bellow, but please note that I would not recommend reading it if you would rather avoid spoilers.

The chapter opens with Eikichi asking Ryuji if he’s ever felt attracted to girl even though there is already someone he likes, and Ryuji insists that he is always a man who stays faithful. The two friends are sitting in Ryuji’s store chatting, when Nagisa enters to deliver Ryuji his lunch. Ryuji reaffirms that he is devoted to Nagisa, and the two share a little moment which causes Eikichi to become jealous and steal Ryuji’s lunch. Ryuji gives a bit of an introduction to himself and Nagisa through some narration, including a brief explanation of Nagisa’s split personality issue. In a brief flashback it appears that Nagisa still has trouble with her disorder from time to time. Later that day Nagisa returns after finishing her part time job, and the couple prepare themselves for what they call “time attack”, where Nagisa times how fast Ryuji can drive. As they speed down the highway, the police spot their car with its hidden registration plates and they commence pursuit. However, the patrol car is no match for Ryuji’s enhanced vehicle, which rockets down the road weaving through traffic. They weave past an older man, who manages to capture them on video using his phone. The man sends the video to someone he addresses as “my lady”, and mentions that he thinks he has found something close to what they have been looking for. The next day a highschool girl visits Ryuji’s shop, and asks for Ryuji’s recommendation on what type of bike she should purchase. She asks if she can go for a test drive on one that Ryuji shows her, but requests that he be the driver because she has only just gotten her license. She squeezes Ryuji tightly on the back of the bike, which makes Eikichi (who is visiting again) bitter. On their test run, the girl asks Ryuji to put the bike to the test with some more daring and aggressive driving. Ryuji meets her requests one by one. Once having returned to the store, Ryuji questions the girl, and asks her if she had him perform those type of maneuvers because she’s interested in doing stunt riding. She tells him that she was wanting to test Ryuji’s ability, and that she loves people who are skilled at driving. She kisses Ryuji on the cheek and introduces herself as Ishikawa Mimon. Needless to say, Eikichi witnesses this and becomes bitterly jealous again. We see Mimon returning to a car. Momochi, the older man from the previous night is inside, and asks Mimon how Ryuji was. He goes on to ask if Ryuji is suitable as a prospect transporter. Mimon replies that there are still a lot of tests they need to put him through, but she has become fond of him. The chapter ends with a narration from Ryuji, explaining that although he was not aware at this point, Ishikawa Mimon is a girl who would turn out to be immensely more dangerous than Nagisa’s split personality.


For those interested, here’s a nice video of the highway Ryuji and Nagisa speed down. ….At least I’m pretty sure this is it. If I’m wrong please let me know!


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Some GTO Drama News

As for the drama, we are still working on the cast section, but there are a few interesting things I thought I would mention here in a news update. First of all, two official commercials have made their way to the web. The first of which has been around for a couple of weeks now, but the second is only new and features actual clips from the show.


Several variety shows featuring members of the GTO cast as guests have also been scheduled, one of which has already aired on the 24th. I believe the episode can be found online bellow.



Here’s a timetable of the programs yet to come that I know of.


Shin Domoto Kyodai
11:45PM – 12:15AM July 1, Fuji TV
Guests: AKIRA and Takimoto Miori.


Nep League – 2 hour Special
7:00PM – 8:54PM July 2, Fuji TV
Guests: AKIRA, Takimoto Miori, Shirota Yu, Kawaguchi Haruna and Takachi Noboru.


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