About Usss

You’re lucky to be here today!


You have reached the largest, most-active Great Teacher Onizuka website in English! It certainly hasn’t been an easy ride to get here though, and I am about to tell you why and how we got to where we are today.


It all started back in 2003 when the founder of this website, Imlinked, decided to make a website about our great teacher. It quickly gathered attention due to the fact that GTO was relatively new at the time, and was just starting to gain a lot of popularity outside of Japan.

Imlinked opened a forum, and it managed to get many new members fairly quick. When I joined the forum, there were already 89 members registered and I became the 90th one. This was back in February of 2004. In less than a year, Imlinked created the most popular GTO website and forum in English.


While members continued to join the forum, the website had gone silent. After 2004, Imlinked stopped posting news due to life becoming busy. While the forums were still popular with members now numbering over 200, GTO had reached its final volume in English and interest for the series was declining.


Despite the website not being updated, our members of the forum were always keeping the spirit of GTO alive. We discussed everything about GTO, from our favourite covers to dreaming about seeing the (then) rare Shonan Junai Gumi anime. The forum and website was plagued by random downtime and we started to get worried.


The website often went down and even changed domains while Imlinked was still in charge. We stayed afloat, but we lost many members along the way. By 2007, majority of new members registering on the forum were spammers, and the website had no significant updates since 2004. These can be classified as the dark ages of our website.

However, the winds soon changed. Imlinked gave us permission to take over the website and transfer everything to a new domain and new ownership. We did this and added new measures to stop spammers from invading. We moved at just the right time. Just a few weeks after moving everything to where you are now (onibakubanzai.com) the old website went down forever on its own.

We kept Imlinkeds design while working on a new look for the site. The site was now owned by our Italian Volkswagen-enthusiast, Murai82. The new Shonan 14 Days series was announced and it helped us in gaining ground.


And now, today, you are at the brand new onibakubanzai.com, still owned and hosted by Murai82, but with a whole team of fans working on the site. Its design comes from the brilliant minds of Senseibanzai (AKLP & Varemenos) and Bandit_Legend. We’ve been through many hardships, and we’ve felt the pain of spammers, downtimes and domain-switching. But we are still here and the star of GTO is shining as bright as ever.


We’re glad to have you here.


Real1, veteran GTO enthusiast – December 2011