Official Websites

Kodansha Comic Plus [Japanese]

Vertical Inc. Homepage

Tohru Fujisawa’s Official Blog [Japanese]

Tohru Fujisawa’s Official Twitter [Japanese]

Gto 2012 drama official KTV page [Japanese]


Eric Paroissien’s subtitles website
Eric paroissien’s subs are guarantee of quality. He subbed many good Japanese movies in the past and he’s currently subbing the new GTO 2012 drama. Please pay him a visit and show your appreciation for his hard work.
Ame No Uta fansubs
Ame no uta is a fansub group devoted to delivering great, quality subs of many old, forgotten Jdramas. Please pay them a visit.

Nosajj’s Guide to Shonan Jun’ai Gumi
An incredibly detailed guide to Shonan Jun’ai Gumi authored by our forums very own Nosajj! Particularly abundant with in depth information on characters, ranging from protagonists to the most minor of minor characters, along with meticulously written summaries on each Shonan Jun’ai Gumi chapter that has been released in English to date!

GTOpro [French]
A detailed GTO fanpage by our good friend Julien from the forums. There’s sure to be some interesting material in here for any French speaking GTO fans!

Holy Forest Academy

Another Great Teacher Onizuka Fansite
One of the great GTO fansites of years past. Contains a thorough character guide with detailed information on GTO live action drama characters in particular. Also is home to a nice image gallery.